June 1, 2025

Welcome One And All


Hey All! I'm Karla and run this little show.  I have been blogging about my craft projects since 2012 and it's always exciting to see how far this blog has come. I've learned what my voice sounds like and have found a lot of different fun things to try.  Through blogging I found a passion for many different crafts.  I also found the one that I enjoy most and that I have become very good at - sewing.  In 2017 I opened my business.  It was super scary to step into the world of public comments and social media. I'm so happy to say that I am trying hard to swim in these treacherous waters. What's fun is that I make everything you see at my kitchen table and run all my own social media accounts. When you see something online you can know that it is from me. Thanks checking in and enjoy!

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March 7, 2020

See me in person

Hello one and all!

I have been writing a blog for over 6 years about fun creative things. I'm still learning every time I come here - I learn who I am as a writer, what I really want to say, where my focus is, and that less is sometimes more.

I have tried in the past to post things that I have for sale - but that's not what a blog is for. I have learned that much.

I've also tried my hand at tutorials. I love to read about what others have tried and how to accomplish them - however I'd like the original bloggers to get the views.

I have done so many crafty things from sewing, wood crafts, kid crafts, preschool lesson ideas, 72 hour kit talk, quilting, and more. Finding a focus for my blog has been a learning experience on it's own. I write what I'm thinking and what I'm feeling.

The thing I come back to most often is - my goals. One of which is to have more in person craft fairs. I was able to participate in my first one of the year. It was so incredible. There were over 178 vendors at the show and it was a central checkout. I love shopping at a central checkout because it is low pressure.

It was fun to see the fun signs around town and all over social media. This was on tv and everything. It was the largest craft fair that I have ever done.

My cute little booth - all ready to go.

It was a good experience to have my booth, meet other great vendors, and be apart of something so big. It was a bit scary to have the threat of closing any time, though. I hope to be out more in the future. As of now my next booth will be in May. Keep an eye out for me - more details to come.

My tips for a successful booth:
1. If possible, attend the boutique before applying. Shopping a boutique is a great way to understand the clientele and what is expected.
2. Think outside the box (or in my case with boxes. Use what you have or is on sale.
3. Ask for help. This goes for decor, placement ideas and set up/take down. I am the only employee for my business so I usually do most on my own. I've had my daughter help me many times.
4. Set up before you go. Whether that's a few days before or the night before, it doesn't matter. This way you'll know if you've forgotten somet or need more product. Practice also helps with my jitters.
5. Go into it for the experience. This ,may just be mine.  Yes I do this to make money, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Go for experience, to get your name/brand to new people and to learn. It's fun to try something new and I'm always pleasantly surprised when I make a profit. Find something positive as a reason to go.

I hope you find something useful for yourself. What is your tip you give to others?

February 12, 2020

Cute stuff - Kid's Pillows

It may not look like it - but I have been working like crazy! There has been a lot on the computer, in fabric stores, at my table late at night cutting and sewing and mostly planning.

I feel like everything is happening at once. I can feel my little business growing rather quickly in how I am producing products and where they will be sold. I'm just trying to keep up.  It was like I said I needed to trust myself and then jumped in with both feet.  I'm not sure I've surfaced quite yet.

I did say that one of my goals for the year was to blog at least once/month. So here I am! Keeping up with another goal.  How are yours going?


You come here to see some cute things that I make. There are a lot that I'm working on for my next show in March (it's coming fast) and so I'd like to keep those apart from just the cute stuff. I have put in my schedule a place to do just cute stuff. I need to get back to the fact that the reason that I make things is because it's fun. I like to make things for others - it's how I show love.

The reason that I learned to sew was to help my family and because it's fun to make something out of nothing. I do have a vision for a few fun gifts for my kids. Because I am a crafty mom I decided to make them some cute huggable pillows made with fabric of their favorite things. Now... this will be fun.

I have made them all two each. I want to make what they are into that year. So I've been searching for Cars, Minnie, princess, Harry Potter, Paw Patrol, Octonauts, and Phineas and Ferb fabrics.  I have a few years to catch up on so I've gotta get going.

I want them to have time to love what I make - they really carry them around the house. They love watching movies and having "sleep overs" in each others rooms with their pillows. The pillows are 12x12 and fit a 10x10 pillow. So it's small and easy to carry.

Here's a look at the latest ones. They are adorable!!
When she was 2 she was obsessed with princesses! 
If I want his attention I hum the Jurassic Park theme.
There are still days that I have to call her Minnie.
 I am always looking for unique fabric and things that they will love. I want to make these as personal as possible. They were all super excited to get new pillow cases. I will be making more during the year to catch up on the last few years. I have the fabric, but I want them to have a little time to love these ones.

When I have enough - maybe when they are 16 - I will take the front panel from each of their pillows and make a quilt. That way they can have a visual of all the things they were into while they were growing up. Maybe I'll make it for when they go off to college or out into the world. It's just a little something that I want to give them as their mom. It shows my love and that they are special. It also show that I was listening and watching as they grew up. It's the plan - hopefully I can follow through with it.

What is your favorite handmade item? Mine is my baby blanket that my mom made. I still have it.

January 3, 2020

2020 Goals

I promised another post soon. Today I'd like to talk all about my goals for 2020. If I talk about them with others then it means that I am more accountable than just leaving them on my phone.

I love to have fun goals for the year along with my word of the year. I also want to make sure that they goals that I set are attainable. I have personal goals that I hang up for myself and then I have goals for my business. For this post, I'll be focusing in on the business posts.

I used to number the goals that I would set. I've stopped doing that. I think that my business/creative goals have a lot of overlap and it's easy to focus on more than one. I also believe that there should only be so many goals to try. The number that I've capped myself with is five. I think that getting five major goals done in a year is a real accomplishment. Also, if I only do four, I don't beat myself up. I can only do the best I can. So here they are:

Cross Stitch:

I got a really cute monthly cross stitch pattern for Christmas. I love to cross stitch. I want to make some cute things for my own home this year and I think that by trying this pattern and keeping up with it I can do that. This is not really business related, but creative. I won't be selling them, I just want my skills to grow and gain more confidence. I have started on the first one and it may be bigger than I first thought. I know it'll be fun to finish them and hopefully I'll show them off as I make them.

Vendor Events:

I kept this one vague on purpose. Usually with goals you need a specific number to know you've achieved your goal. This one will be more than last year (four).  I have already signed up for three vendor events this year. I am so super excited about them!!  I feel like I've made it.

These started 20 years ago and I used to take my mom shopping when they were first starting out. I saw the things that others were selling and naively thought "I can make that" when going by. I never could replicate what I saw, however I tried. This is what started me becoming more of a maker. I saw the booths change over and I thought - maybe I can try. So I started my business. I then heard of people I knew who would be at the show. I thought, "why not apply?"  I was SO happy when I was accepted. There are five of them per year, but with the extra cost and stress I put on myself I chose 3 this year. This leaves time to sign up for other opportunities. Wish me luck.

Blog More:

Blog at least once/month. It seems like at the beginning of the year I do pretty well. I know the problem near the end of 2019 was the fact that my husband gave me his old laptop to replace my even older laptop. I blog much better if I can type. I have yet to move all my computery stuff over to the other laptop. It's going to take the better part of a day and with holidays and then the after holidays cleaning happening I haven't had time. So here I sit on my old laptop that has to be plugged into everything (no wifi) and hopefully I'll get most everything out of the way so I don't feel guilty when I have to back up everything to move it over. The good news? Most of my programs are already installed on the other one.

Live more Ecofriendly:

Actually use the bags that I have instead of forgetting them in the store. That's going to be my first step of this goal. I've already cut out straws... mostly. There are a lot of little things that I can do and I'll share whatever I can with others that want to try. I've also got something in the works for the grocery store. It's in the testing phase right now. This will be a life long goal, really. I just want to make sure that people know that there are little things you can do to help. 

A saying I once heard: If everyone did 70% better it would help more than a few doing 100%.

Make 2 new products:

This is purely for my business. I want to push myself to keep trying and being the best that I can be. I have a few ideas of what I can make, but need to really think about what impact they will have and what I need to do in order to make them a reality. Also, price vs cost (makes sense in my head) of the items. Will it be worth it for me to make them? Will they sell? Who knows, but I am going to try.

So those are the big goals that I've got planned for 2020. I hope that you will come along on my journey with me. If you want more posts and a bit of my personality head over to Instagram for the most content. It's just easier to throw a photo up with a witty caption some days. Especially when my four year old needs me. Like now - bye!