June 1, 2025

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Hey All! I'm Karla and run this little show.  I have been blogging about my craft projects since 2012 and it's always exciting to see how far this blog has come. Through blogging I found a passion for sewing.  In 2017 I opened my business - My Mommy Life of 3.  I make everything you see at my kitchen table and run all my own social media accounts.

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January 3, 2020

2020 Goals

I promised another post soon. Today I'd like to talk all about my goals for 2020. If I talk about them with others then it means that I am more accountable than just leaving them on my phone.

I love to have fun goals for the year along with my word of the year. I also want to make sure that they goals that I set are attainable. I have personal goals that I hang up for myself and then I have goals for my business. For this post, I'll be focusing in on the business posts.

I used to number the goals that I would set. I've stopped doing that. I think that my business/creative goals have a lot of overlap and it's easy to focus on more than one. I also believe that there should only be so many goals to try. The number that I've capped myself with is five. I think that getting five major goals done in a year is a real accomplishment. Also, if I only do four, I don't beat myself up. I can only do the best I can. So here they are:

Cross Stitch:

I got a really cute monthly cross stitch pattern for Christmas. I love to cross stitch. I want to make some cute things for my own home this year and I think that by trying this pattern and keeping up with it I can do that. This is not really business related, but creative. I won't be selling them, I just want my skills to grow and gain more confidence. I have started on the first one and it may be bigger than I first thought. I know it'll be fun to finish them and hopefully I'll show them off as I make them.

Vendor Events:

I kept this one vague on purpose. Usually with goals you need a specific number to know you've achieved your goal. This one will be more than last year (four).  I have already signed up for three vendor events this year. I am so super excited about them!!  I feel like I've made it.

These started 20 years ago and I used to take my mom shopping when they were first starting out. I saw the things that others were selling and naively thought "I can make that" when going by. I never could replicate what I saw, however I tried. This is what started me becoming more of a maker. I saw the booths change over and I thought - maybe I can try. So I started my business. I then heard of people I knew who would be at the show. I thought, "why not apply?"  I was SO happy when I was accepted. There are five of them per year, but with the extra cost and stress I put on myself I chose 3 this year. This leaves time to sign up for other opportunities. Wish me luck.

Blog More:

Blog at least once/month. It seems like at the beginning of the year I do pretty well. I know the problem near the end of 2019 was the fact that my husband gave me his old laptop to replace my even older laptop. I blog much better if I can type. I have yet to move all my computery stuff over to the other laptop. It's going to take the better part of a day and with holidays and then the after holidays cleaning happening I haven't had time. So here I sit on my old laptop that has to be plugged into everything (no wifi) and hopefully I'll get most everything out of the way so I don't feel guilty when I have to back up everything to move it over. The good news? Most of my programs are already installed on the other one.

Live more Ecofriendly:

Actually use the bags that I have instead of forgetting them in the store. That's going to be my first step of this goal. I've already cut out straws... mostly. There are a lot of little things that I can do and I'll share whatever I can with others that want to try. I've also got something in the works for the grocery store. It's in the testing phase right now. This will be a life long goal, really. I just want to make sure that people know that there are little things you can do to help. 

A saying I once heard: If everyone did 70% better it would help more than a few doing 100%.

Make 2 new products:

This is purely for my business. I want to push myself to keep trying and being the best that I can be. I have a few ideas of what I can make, but need to really think about what impact they will have and what I need to do in order to make them a reality. Also, price vs cost (makes sense in my head) of the items. Will it be worth it for me to make them? Will they sell? Who knows, but I am going to try.

So those are the big goals that I've got planned for 2020. I hope that you will come along on my journey with me. If you want more posts and a bit of my personality head over to Instagram for the most content. It's just easier to throw a photo up with a witty caption some days. Especially when my four year old needs me. Like now - bye!

January 2, 2020

Welcome 2020

2019 was a bit crazy. I feel like I grew a lot as a business and as a creative. I found what I really want to do (spoiler: reusable items) and my focus. I love what I do and I even went out of my comfort zone and grew a bit doing some new vendor events. Those are always scary and rewarding.
It is now 2020. I honestly believed that there would be flying cars by now - remembering the Jetson's when I was a kid. Things may not be that way now, but I feel like I can make my own small part of the world better by focusing on a word for the year and having some goals.

Okay, sidebar - I haven't made any new year's resolutions for many years. I also don't feel like if you miss the first few days of the year that you can't do something positive in your life. That's why I've changed to a focus and achievable goals. The worst thing you can do is set yourself up to fail. Don't do that! It's not fair. Also, if you want to grow and change for the better you need a win every now and then. One of the goals I had early on was to smile more. Now it's second nature - even when I don't really feel like it. But smiling does put me in a better mood. It's also simple. Look, now you can have that one. :)

So here's the big reveal. I struggled a bit with what I wanted to focus on . I've actually used "focus" before and last year I had the phrase "be intentional" as my motto. I feel like I have been pouring myself into things to make life simpler (focus) and only do what is needed for me and my family. This year I'm going to take a step back and breathe:

I feel like I have been putting in a lot of leg work over the last 3 years into myself, my family, my makes, my products, and my business. This year I need to trust that it will all pay off. I need to trust myself instead of be super critical about what I'm doing. I don't buy much for my business because I don't make a lot. That's okay. I make enough that I stay afloat. I was able to buy my business license again this year without fear.

I saw this cute equation online and had to show it. Trust is consistency over time. If you just keep going and making good things then you can gain trust. I believe that social media is important to a very small business, but it's not the only thing. I want the people that buy from me to trust me. Trust that I know what I'm doing. Trust that I've been using these same items for years and that my kids have tested them.

I also need to trust myself. This equation speaks to me as a mom. I am not the best at remembering who has homework due on Tuesday vs Thursday. I'm not the best at sending things to the school for them. I do know when my kids need hugs vs laughs. I know when they need me to sit and talk before bed. They are all growing so quickly and with a bit of that time under my belt I hope that with being consistent with my kids they will trust me when they are older.

That went on a bit longer than I expected. But no worries because the other thing that I have been doing for a long time is blogging. I know my own voice and one of my goals (coming soon) is consistency. More to come on that front. It's going to be wonderful to have something so achievable.

I truly hope and pray that this will be the year that people will buy from me. I know I've said it before but that is what a business is. I love making things - that's why I do this. I also have become very fond of being a vendor at events. In order to do that I need to be a business and it would be great if I could sell things. Because then I could do more. I don't want to make my brand go completely global or anything - I do love making things myself. I just want to be able to do what I love. I want people to trust me.

So there you have it! My word for 2020. It's always fun to think about what one word can really mean. This time it was to trust not only in other people but in myself and in God's plan for me. This year is going to be epic! I trust that will be true - but plan on also doing a lot of work to make it so.

August 27, 2019

How far I've come

It seems like I have been working on what I make and how it will look and my technique for so very long that it's strange to look back. It wasn't that long ago that I never got my sewing machine out. In fact, I had gotten it from my mom for Christmas. My husband asked me if I knew how to sew a hem - of course, he should even know that. Anyone who took home ec knew how to sew a straight line.

So I took out my dusty sewing machine that hadn't ever been used (it was already August) and helped him cut off and hem some shorts so he could go mountain biking. They were not straight in the least. They were horrendous!! But they were done by me and it felt like such an accomplishment!!

That was 9 years ago! Can you believe it? My sewing machine is turning 10 on Christmas. It is a work horse and I absolutely love it!! They don't even make these Kenmore sewing machines anymore so I really don't look forward to when it dies (in many more years to come).

I was pretty proud of my attempt and thought that it would be fun to make a few things for my cute nieces. I made a couple stuffed animals and blankets. They weren't the best, but I was trying. I started writing about my sewing and other crafts on my personal blog.

We were pregnant with our first baby - a girl. I wanted so much to make a dress that my baby could wear. I had never before sewn clothing (and I still don't like it). I grabbed a pattern online (so far I had just made up my own) and did my best. Using binding and piping and other techniques were a little advanced for me and I had a lot of trial and error. It looked so incredibly darling on my baby. It fit for about a week because I made it so small. I still love these ladybugs.

I noticed just how many crafts I started to post on my blog and thought - I should just make another blog for those interested in crafts. I had wood crafts, cooking, and other hobbies that I added into the "crafts" folder. I started my blog called "Karla's Crafts" in June of 2012. That means that I have kept this blog going for 7 years!! That's insane!

I wanted to change my name because things changed in our lives. I was also sewing more than any other craft. It's fun when you find your niche! I began my business in 2017 making mostly baby items. My heart wasn't completely in it, though. We had just had our 3rd baby and I was starting to end that baby phase. Starting a shop online was a big step that I had been wanting to try for a few years and it was fun to try out things on family and friends, too. 

I finally had my ah-ha moment last year.  It was a serious light bulb moment! I love to make reusable items that people want to use. This year I opened my new website that is not affiliated with anyone but me. I love being able to change things up and think about what I want to try next!

It's been one wild ride - I have been changing how my family does a lot of things this year - using a lot more reusable items and I'm even changing what I buy and how I buy items. I try to get less plastic, I look at ingredients for cleaners and things are just different. I'm different.  I've also got more style in my home and I feel happier to be home with my kids.

This journey gives me more purpose as a person. I am not just a wife or a mom or a college grad. I am a sole proprietor. I recycle. I am ecochic. I love to create and that has been a big accomplishment for me to say. I used to think that creative was not okay because I was a scientist. I can be both!! I use my math to help when buying fabric. I use my chemistry when I bake. I use anatomy when my kids get hurt and we talk about the layers of their skin before putting on a band-aid.

I'm excited to see where this journey will lead. What happens when all the kids are in school? How much time will I be able to volunteer at the school? Will I go back to work? Will I use my secondary teaching degree? Will I get to be back in a laboratory?!? (I wish.) Only time will tell. I will say this last thing - for those who are struggling (which is me, sometimes) just keep going! Looking back, a little has become a lot!