July 13, 2012

Fun Craft Friday - Kindle Cover

I found a fun tutorial on how to make my own kindle cover. The ones online are like $20! Well, I picked everything out and got the wrong bias tape. Three stores later I find out that they don't make the kind I want in the color I want - so I just got some that was a little more pastel instead of bold. It still worked out well, in my opinion. I added the flowers for a little fun... not sure if they look as good as I hoped, but it's mine so I don't have to worry about what anyone else thinks. I really do love the fabric I picked out.

My fabric all cut out

Pinning the binding.



Can I just say that I am not the biggest fan of binding; and yet I am. I love how easy it is to make things look "finished" however it isn't the most easy material for me to work with. It takes some finess and it seems like I have none. I'm just thankful that my sewing machine is so wonderful.

One last tip. Make sure to buy the 'sewing' velcro .. that means without sticky on the back. I hand sewed mine (and broke a needle in the process) because I didn't want to hurt my machine.

I'm just very happy that I've got somewhere for my kindle to live (other than it's box). I would suggest maybe putting a piece of cardboard or something sturdy where the front of the kindle is. As this one stands, I can't put it in any bags b/c it may crack. It's still better than nothing, though.

As always, comments are appreciated.

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