July 20, 2012

Fun Crafts Friday - Life Story Book

When I got married 6 years ago (wow time has gone quickly) my mother gave me all my official paperwork along with baby books and whatnot. There were a lot of things to take. I needed the documents for things like changing my last name. I wanted to know how to make this simpler for my daughter.

I was looking through pinterest the other day and came across an idea to put all the important paperwork for your child in one place. That way when it's their turn to leave, you hand them the binder!

I think this is an amazing idea! It's so simple, too. I actually simplified it even more (probably). Like it says on the website - do this when your child is young/before they are born. I can see that when life gets going, you won't have time to sit and make this. We don't have all of her official paperwork in there, yet. I think that can come later.

Also, it will be much easier to keep things sorted when we do have more kids. Make each one a binder and then throw their stuff into a page protector and then clean it up when you get time. I love that suggestion. And also, if I don't want to print off pictures and put them in, I can just make a disc for them. 

It not only has the official documents, but there are places for achievements in school, drawings in the toddler section, and things for Jr. High and High Schools. I love that there will be a place to put the honor student awards (I'm setting my sights high, my kids will be geniuses b/c of my husband... and I guess me, too.)

Anyway here are pictures and the site it came from. There is a list on there of things you may want to have in the binder. I just printed off the list and kept it in the front of the binder.

I left the labels and a marker in the binder. I also have lots of page protectors in there.

It's a very inexpensive way to be organized. I'm very happy I did this for our first child, it'll make having the second a little easier knowing how to organize all the paperwork that comes with kids.

As always, comments are appreciated.

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