August 3, 2012

Fun Craft Friday - Homemade Cake

I decided that I wanted to go all out on one thing for my baby's birthday - her cake.  I have wanted to learn how to make/decorate a cake for a long time! I happen to have a friend that's an expert and was willing to help me. 
I borrowed her cake pan (6" round) a few days before we were to assemble the cake (and have since bought my own).  I made 2 chocolate cakes from scratch! I found a recipe online and it called for coffee, but since I didn't have any I substituted with warm water (and a little hot cocoa).  They turned out really well.

After I baked them and they cooled I put them in tupperware and into the freezer overnight. It was a good thing I did, too. My friend came over and we placed the cake onto a cute plate, then put chocolate pudding in the middle before placing the 2nd cake on top.  They sunk just a little, but that meant that we had more chocolate pudding in the middle. I didn't see a downside. It looked so good. We had to cut off a little of the edges to make it sit right.

Then I let her take over and she frosted it like a queen. The reason it was good that I froze it was because then we didn't have to worry about crumbs coming off while frosting it. We used regular frosting made from scratch (powdered sugar, milk, vanilla, and cocoa to taste).  

Then we made the fondant.  It was made with marshmallows... so it actually tasted good. I let her show me how to put it on top of the cake - it didn't really look too hard to do, so I could do it at a later time.  She then smoothed it out (I think I have a tool for that already)  and we got to decorate.  We used smaller portions of the fondant and used coloring (not food coloring, but dye) to make the cute butterflies! We made them in green, purple, and yellow.  Also, we had a mold for the pearls on the bottom of the cake. 
This was the back of the cake, there was a purple butterfly on the front.

Honestly, the fondant makes the cake good for a long time. It was even okay (under the untouched fondant) after our short vacation! It was the best tasting cake I've ever had. I am excited to try and do it on my own, soon.

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