August 10, 2012

Fun Craft Friday - Pillowcase Dresses

I challenged myself to make a few dresses for my sister's birthday. I am very pleased to announce that between me and friends we made 10 dresses to send down. It was a lot of fun and the dresses only took about 20 minutes a piece.

Here's how we made them.  I had my sister show me how, and then took photos as I went. I hope this makes sense.

1. Wash, dry, then iron the pillowcase. Cut out the arm holes and the top (we used a small plate as our pattern).

2. Iron & pin the neck down. (I pin everything down to help me with sewing).  Sew the hem closed.

3. There are now 2 ways to go from here. I didn't take pics of either, but they are pretty much self explanitory.  For the blue one that I did here, I hemmed the arm holes (not the parts that I pinned).  Then I strung some ribbon through the neck (where I ironed and pinned first). 

The other way is to add binding to the arm holes and then it is finished. I liked this way a little more because I didn't have to hem anything else.

4. Make it pretty. Add any embellishments that you want. I hope you can see all the different things we did: Buttons, ribbon, colors... it was fun.

 I'm glad that I was able to learn how to make these dresses. They are so very simple and unique. They will be well received in Africa by those cute little girls. Thanks for the push, sis.

As always, comments are appreciated.

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