August 28, 2012

Tuesday is better than never

Between camping trips,teething, morning sickness, and everything else I was unable to update last week. I apologize. 

Tonight I made up the recipe for our dinner. I thought I'd share in case I ever want to make it again. I usually make this a little differently, but my husband doesn't like it. So we're trying something new! So, here you go. And if it fails to make us happy? We've got a frozen pizza in the freezer.

Ranch Chicken

4 chicken breasts cut into chunks
Mix together 1 small sour cream, some ranch dressing (to taste like ranch), throw in a little of your favorite seasonings.

Line your 9x9 pan with tin foil and spray (this cuts down on the washing and scraping afterwards).

Mix all ingredients well and bake at 350 degrees (F) for about 35 minutes.  Make a side of rice (or noodles) and pour mixture over to taste. Be sure to make a yummy veggie for a side (or to mix in) as well.

I know there's no photos or anything, but this was very quick. Now to go sing Itsy-bitsy-spider to my daughter for the 100th time today. Life is good!

UPDATE: I think next time I will add a little curry powder and maybe even some chillies. It was good, it just needed a little something extra. Also, I think the ranch packet would be better than the dressing b/c there was a little too much liquid for our rice.

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