October 25, 2012

Girl's Night - kind of a bust

I was very happy to host my annual girl's night - however not many showed up. 2... that's the number.

I was a little disappointed, but it all turned out in the end. 

I chose a theme of Oreo this year, because it is oreo's 100th birthday.  I told the girls to bring a treat featuring oreos.  Mine was incredible!! 

I used a recipe I found here and made chocolate chip cookie oreo brownies!  They are divine! I made these twice, once I used store bought cookie dough and the other was home made.  The home made turned out SO much better! It was fluffy and gooey and just plain amazing. This is definately not something I'd make all the time, but once in awhile it's a great treat. My husband actually liked it better without the Oreo - go figure.

We also had rice krispy treats with smashed oreos and drizzled chocolate. They were fabulous but I didn't get the recipe from my friend.

We watched a fun movie and made a wonderful blanket for Christmas (yes, I've started my crafts for Christmas already). Tied 2 pieces of fleece together and I have to say it is wonderfully warm for the chilly nights ahead. I'll post the details on how to make it later, I don't know where I learned, but I picked it up somewhere and have been making them ever since.

I also made some hot cocoa and had water out, with all the tasty treats we needed something to drink. It was a lot of fun, but since not many came and it was a bit of a let down I forgot to take photos. I am very happy that I was able to get the blankets made, though. Oh, and the leftovers were fabulous!

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