October 9, 2012

Girl's Night - Soon!

I told you that I had something good planned for October - my annual girl's night! I have had a lot of fun with these in the past. I took off last year, but that's because of a new little one.

The year before was brinner (breakfast for dinner) for all the ladies.  Then there was my pirate party. Also, fondue and mani/pedi parties have made the list.  I love hosting these parties and I put a lot of time into them.

This year's theme? Oreo!  This is Oreo's 100th birthday. Why not have a party??

I'll put up all the details after it's over (including photos) but I wanted to make sure you knew that I wasn't completely off the wagon, here. 

I've also got a few projects coming that I need to take photos of. Then I'll be working on my Christmas posts. The problem? I may not be able to show those until after Christmas to keep the surprises!! I'm very excited, though and will find something for November that will be fabulous!

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