November 22, 2012

A Day of Food

I love Thanksgiving. I think it's my second favorite holiday just after July 4th.  Why? Oh, because of 4 words that start with F: Family, Friends, Food and Football!! I also love parades!!

This year we were invited to spend Thanksgiving with my husband's extended family. It's always fun to see everyone and enjoy their company. 

We were asked to bring a pie/dessert. So of course I wanted to make something special - I went to pinterest and found a recipe for Lime Cheesecake.  I have made this before and it's delicious.  I ended up not putting as much sugar in (we ran out) and I couldn't find my food coloring - but it tasted really good and looked just fine! 

As I heard the other morning - Thanksgiving will never be perfect, so just let things go and do your best. Enjoy instead of stress.

The cheesecake over the graham cracker crust.
dollops of color (and lime curd)
The marbleized effect - I used a toothpick

I have never used parchment paper before and I think I may be in love with it. I pulled out the entire thing to cut it up and serve. It was SO simple. There wasn't even a mess afterward and I loved that. For messy dishes that are baked, I am totally using parchment paper. You can say that I'm a believer.

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