November 17, 2012

A food frenzy

I have been the worst person at taking pictures, lately. I have been working on some VERY fun projects... that will be revealed after Christmas. But until then, I have my cleaning schedule and a some Thanksgiving fun to share.

Last night I was able to make a wonderful recipe for a few friends and family. I tried out 2 different recipes that I found on pinterest. I'm loving that sight!! 

The first recipe was for the crock pot. Just to make cleaning easier, I lined it with tin foil and then sprayed it with some pam. It made everything easier on me! The recipe was for country chicken stew (mine didn't turn out stewish, but still good).  Everyone loved it. My crock pot cooks very quickly so I didn't put everything in until around 2ish. I know that my husband was happy that it didn't have my favorite ingredient (cream of chicken) involved at all. (sorry, no pics, but everyone loved it!)

The second recipe was one that I was very excited to try. It was for butterfinger pie! I didn't use a graham cracker crust - I got a pillsbury freezer crust that you bake and put the filling in. It turned out SO well and it's one of the easiest things I've ever made. My 19 month old daughter loved to help crush the candy and mix it into the filling. It was fun to have something that she could help with.  I was asked to bring this to Thanksgiving by our cousin. I'm glad they liked it, but I may be taking something a little better (and more intricate) with me instead.

I have also been doing well on the cleaning routine. It's not engrained yet, but I have been loving only doing one load of laundry a day instead of all of it during the weekend. I feel like I can hang out with my family without feeling guilty about how the house looks. Although, the kitchen is a bit of a mess from all that cooking/cutting/stirring... you get the idea.

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