November 2, 2012

New for November

With this pregnancy I have struggled with having energy and cleaning. I don't want to clean anymore because things just get messy anyway. Well... with a new month I am going to adjust my attitude and hold myself accountable. 

I love pinterest and have many ideas of things I want to make on my boards. I try to only have things on there that I will use and that I have looked at. Recently I saw a lot of posts about how to clean and organize your home. There are things that I can do each day, week, and month. There are very detailed cleaning posts. The one that I latched onto was very simple. It told me what to do in the mornings and it looks like this:

The idea of knowing what to do for morning vs. night seemed so much better to me. So I will be printing this out, laminating it and putting it on my fridge this month. That way I can check off when I'm done (that's always a good feeling). 

Along with looking at this, I will let you know how things are going each week (that's the responsible part) and hopefully after a month, it will be apart of my routine. I just hope that I can keep it up after the new little one gets here (also through the holidays). I will also have help from my husband, so no worries, right?

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