November 10, 2012

Personal Analysis

This week I've done very well with most of the daily chores. The mornings have been pretty fun - I start a load of laundry before breakfast, then we unload the dishwasher after breakfast.  My little girl loves to help with that part.

It's like the routine has been good for us both. We know that I need to fold the laundry and she hasn't been throwing it around as much. The hardest part are the clothes that need to be hung up. It took me until Friday to get the counters clean enough to wipe, but I think next week will make things better.  

I will be adding one more thing to the night routine - sweeping. With a messy toddler, I may need to spot sweep every single night. Okay, not might... will have to!

It's been very nice to have something to do during the day. Let me clear that up - it's been nice to have order. I know that there are so many things to do during the day - cleaning has always been a little hard on me. I never know exactly what to do next. It's good to have a schedule. 

I also love that my little one is learning to help out. She LOVES to sweep and clean up her toys (and then dump them again). I feel better and actually have been much happier. I just hope I can get my husband on board a little more. In his defense, he has been working on the cars and getting things in the yard ready for winter.

I'll let you know about next week and if this is the routine that I really want.

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