November 30, 2012

Where my Focus Should Be

I saw this online the other day and thought that I could copy the idea. I am not a scrapbooker in any way (I'm lucky I own a glue stick) - so please be kind. 

I will be putting up one of 3 things for my husband every day in December as our count down to Christmas. I thought that he deserved to be highlighted because of all he does. I do love him and this is one way to show it.

The three things?
 - Compliment
 - Service
 - Christmas activity/date night

I think it's going to turn out well and I hope he enjoys reading these as much as I am loving to write them. I noticed that I've got a lot more compliments than Christmas activities. We just don't do that much yet - I guess we're still building into our traditions.

 Front/back - I just glued the day onto the back of the paper. I tape them up onto the mirror on his side.

I've still got some work to do.

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