December 26, 2012

A Christmas Tutu

My SIL showed me how to make a Christmas tutu. I want to say thanks to Amy for all her help and materials. It was so much fun!

- crochet elastic headband ribbon - it is sold on a spool like normal ribbon
- tulle - we had it on the spool
- patience and nimble fingers

1 - measure your child's waist and add about 1/4".  Sew together so that it is now like a baby headband (hint... that's how you make headbands)

2 - How long do you want the tutu? This is where you can be really creative - it's like hair. Short and spiky, long and flowy? You choose.  Mine was somewhere in between but closer to spiky.  Be sure that you double the length and then cut.

3 - fold the tulle over and grasp the folded part. Pull it through one of the bottom holes in the ribbon. Then pull the tulle through the folded top. This makes a knot.  I found this tutorial so it's easier to see.

4 - change colors, make a pattern, just keep going. I did every single bottom hole on the ribbon just to make the tutu really full and fun.

Slip on the tutu and enjoy a happy little girl!! Here's mine:

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