December 17, 2012

Pretty Hangers

This week I was in charge of making some beautiful white hangers. I had no idea of how to do it, just what I wanted. Also, I was on a very strict budget! So, for about $11 I was able to make 20 white pretty hangers.

All I needed were:

- hangers (plastic white ones)
- hot glue
- ribbon (I got a thick kind that was 25 ft long - yay walmart)
- itty bitty flowers (optional)

I looked online for how to make a hanger... I didn't leave a lot of time, so I had to do something pretty simple.  I thought about using lace, but it's pretty expensive, so ribbon was much better. 

I took the idea of both of these and instead of wrapping it around (it didn't look good with the ribbon) so I just layered it over the hanger. 

- The ribbon was thicker, so I just folded it in half over the hanger and glued it shut where needed. I learned to cut a little extra so that it would overlap at the top (cut a slit in the ribbon so that it lays nicely).

- After gluing the ribbon onto the hanger - I glued a few small white flowers onto it. They were just the baby roses. Cheap and cute!

- After I was finished with all of this I found a beautiful poem to attach with more pretty ribbon. This was for the youth in my church and talking about their future wedding - all girls. The activity turned out so well and I'm so happy that they liked the hangers. 

I'll try and get a photo of what they actually looked like, but they were all given out. Maybe I can get one of the girls to send me a pic.

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