December 13, 2012

Very Quick Update

Update on 2 ideas in progress:

1. The cleaning routine is fabulous when I keep up. I let things go for a few days (my toddler wasn't feeling well so we cuddled instead of cleaned) and I was a few loads of laundry behind. Also, the dishes needed doing. Thank goodness my mom has the need to help when she comes over because dishes are now caught up (for the last 3 days!).

 Garbage on the other hand hasn't been as good. I can't get the can out to the curb easily (due to a baby in the way) and so it's up to the hubby to take it out. I sometimes forget to remind him, so we've gone a few weeks learning how to tetris garbage into the cans. At least the diapers have to go. No worries though, things are looking up as this has been added to the list on Thursday nights.

Laundry is so easy to do... but I still hate to fold. I don't mind too much, but I just haven't been putting stuff away. They live in the baskets - again something I will remedy. 

OKAY! You are sick of hearing about my cleaning and I will never mention it again. Let's just say that besides some lazy moments on my end the cleaning chart is a hit and I really enjoy doing a little bit every day instead of setting aside a day for just one chore. (I will be trying something new on the bathtub/shower in the future, though.)

2. The advent calendar for my husband has been a blast. I think he likes to see what comes next and it's gonna be fun to keep him on his toes. I have a few more days near the end that I need to type/print up but it's been so simple and refreshing.

I decided to put them up on his side of our mirror in the bathroom. I think he feels a little special when he sees them and since we are more personal than others it's nice to not have them displayed in the main room of the house.

Well, I will be getting more tutorials and things up soon. Just remember that after Christmas more will be coming at a steady pace. Also, I'll have more time to make things for this baby! So very excited.

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