January 18, 2013

A New Project for Me

I have never been known as a scrapbook-er. Ever. I stay away from paper crafts because of several reasons:

- they take a lot of time
- they cost a lot
- there are so many products to store
- I don't really have my own ideas on how to make things look good
- I don't have the money for it
- I don't have that kind of patience (the time thing again)

So I went out looking online and have found a wonderful way to scrapbook without really doing anything. It is called project life. It is a company that was formed in Utah for the specific purpose of being able to scrapbook while taking little time.

I love that my sister and husband got me the starter kit, inserts, and binder for Christmas (without even coordinating) so that I could begin as soon as 2013 started. I thought about only doing one page/month, but that's not going to happen - especially after playing with it a little. I plan on using about 2 pages (plus an insert... maybe) per month. I'm so very excited!

As found on amazon.com

There are different kinds of pages and the best part is that you just grab your photo, slip it in, then you can write on one of the smaller cards and the page is done. It won't take much time at all!  

I had a friend who did a page for every week - I think that I could do that, but I want to start out a little slower. I am so thankful that I found this and I hope it does what I want. I will keep you updated!

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