January 2, 2013

A New Year = A New Goal

With how hectic life is I just can't help but try to keep up a little. I know that sometimes I fall behind. My husband and I love our storage space in the basement... but it's kind of a mess.

So what did we do? We went to the Lowes after Thanksgiving sale for our Christmas present! We got new shelving units to put up and try to organize. They are taking a little more time to put up than we thought, but that's because when I try to help, I start to get contractions and need to rest. 

These aren't perfect, yet. We just moved everything we could from the ground onto the shelves. They look much better already. Also, they are not the same color. We thought it added character but honestly it's what the store had. They will be in the basement so I don't mind one bit.

Anyway, I guess my goal for next year is to get the basement a little more organized so we can find the things we need when we go down. Also, food storage will be happening as well. I hope to be putting up articles/ideas about storage and organization so that I can help others as well.

What specifically will we organize? I'm hoping to get 72 hour kits made for each of us and work on food storage (at least 1 set of these shelves was bought specifically with that in mind). I will be following a few different blogs that I've found over the last year or so, and it may not really start taking place until we are settled with the new baby, but I'm getting excited to get things going.

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