January 10, 2013

Interesting Pin Cushion

I have family that loves to sew. I don't do as much as they do, but I look up to them so much. I'm so proud of the things they make and I'm thankful that I have people to call if I get stuck with a project.

I decided to make something unique for each of them using a tutorial I found here.  It is a pin cushion that you attach to your sewing machine. I liked the idea because it would come in very handy, so why not give it to those that are much better suited for it?

I stole this photo from her tutorial - it was the one part I couldn't figure out on my own and I'm very happy that she put it up. The most critical part in my opinion.
This entire project took me about 6 minutes (10 for the first after having to unpick the whole thing). That includes a toddler "helping" me at my machine.

Here are my finished products. The yellow looked so cute and I loved the idea of using the rick rack - because I had it and it wasn't being used otherwise. My sisters has been shipped and I hope she understands what it's used for. I hope they like them. (I couldn't resist - I made one for me as well.)

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