January 8, 2013

Wooden Blocks

For Christmas I decided to make some fun crafts for parents. I know that I've bought things like this before, but I wanted to make it much more personal. 

I found an easy way to make blocks with family photos modge podged onto them.  This is something that I'd never done before. What is modge podge anyway? From what I can tell... sticky stuff that dries clear. Good enough for me.

I went to our local big box home store (Home Depot, Lowes, ...) and had them cut me the wood blocks that I'd need for the project.  I then went to the craft store and got black paint, brushes, and modge podge. I had to talk to one of the helpful (seriously!) people there about how to use it and the best thing to buy. I was happy with how nice they were.

So, I got the blocks home then painted them all black (a good background color) and let them dry outside and brought them in just as it started to sprinkle (then downpour). I was very happy to get it done.  The next step was the hardest!! I had to get photos from all the siblings. I truely am the most blessed person to have the family that I do (and that I married into) because they are incredible!! 

I printed out 4x6 photos of recently updated families (ours was the last to make it because we haven't been getting the camera out very well). 

I didn't realize how many coats it actually takes for modge podge to work, but it's not hard to work with. I'm glad I figured it all out. I did rip up the photos for that look and it was good that I did. Painting and gluing and everything was very quick - the hardest part is that it was the beginning of nap time (poor little girl doesn't like quiet time right now).

Also, a little modge podge goes a LONG way. I bought a large bottle and used maybe 1/8 for the entire project! 

Last tip: the black paint I used flaked a little. I didn't notice it until I looked at my niece's face - I fixed it though. But there are other flakes on the other photos if you look closely. It won't be enough to notice unless you look for it, but it may have been the cheaper paint I got. So... heads up.

Here are a few during photos:

My family is adorable, right?

Oh, and a huge shout out to shutterfly! I joined for a different purpose (I got a few free Christmas cards) and they gave me 50 prints for free!! I'm very excited that I could just pay shipping for this. I think they turned out incredible for this printer! I usually use a professional printer for our photos, but these were just fine.

Merry Christmas moms!

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