February 18, 2013

Beginning my 72 Hour Kits

One of the goals that I've set for this year is getting 72 hour kits ready for our family. I feel like I definitely want to be prepared if something should happen and we either need to stay here for a few days without leaving, or we need to move quickly to get out of harms way.

I am starting with the basics!! We put in our shelves for food storage... with our budget we haven't been able to fill them, yet, but that's what this whole year is for (and part of next year).  With a new baby it's been difficult to get to the store, but I have gotten a few things:

- Bags for our needs
   As of right now I just found some bags that are not in use. I am still trying to find some backpacks for cheap that we can use just for the kits.

- Water bottles for the whole family
   this way we each of some water - a 24 pack case for each person will go a long way. We can actually use these for trips/camping later, but I figure if I can keep enough of these in storage that our water will be covered.

- Some Clothes..... 
  I went through our clothes to see what we actually wear. I have some pants for the adults with a few t-shirts mixed in. I also have some sweat shirts.  The kids are much harder and I just got some plastic bins to put their clothes into downstairs.  This way I can write what size they have right now and which season - then I can switch it out much easier. With baby boy, I have about 10 diapers in the next size up, also. I will be working more on the clothes/each person soon.
p.s. I've been finding my ideas for the preparedness here. It's an 8 week series, but I'm skipping around a bit and just choosing what I can do right now.

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