February 26, 2013

March is on the horizon

And so ends the pre-baby updates. I have been very busy bonding and understanding our little bundle and haven't had time to make it up to the sewing machine... or really in the kitchen much.

However... if I set the goal in writing then I have to stick to it, right? I will be back to once/week posts (maybe more if I can keep the toddler from pestering... err loving the baby) for the month. I know that there will be posts about donuts, project life, baby burp cloths, and organization. I may also be trying to stretch our budget a bit - so ideas on that may also be coming.

I know that this is mostly a blog for me to keep my ideas/crafts in some order, but I do hope that there are readers and that what I say can help someone with a project or in the least to be inspired. Remember, if I can do it... anyone can! Also, done is better than perfect. That's becoming my new motto.

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