February 7, 2013

New Sibling Gift

I have been racking my brain about what to get my daughter when we come home with a new baby. I know that she will take a little time to adjust to me needing to care for the baby all the time (and hopefully her, too) but I'm worried I won't have enough energy or whatever to give what I want to to her. She's so patient that I'm not as worried as I could be, but I wanted to do something for her - she will be getting a baby of her own!

I scoured the internet for a cheap-ish but good baby doll. I found one on amazon that is darling and I'm so excited. My little girl is already such a good little mommy and will love her baby. But babies need things to grow - like food, diapers, and blankies.

So today I'm going to show what I made - maybe with some detail.

DIAPERS - pattern found here. This tutorial is for felt baby doll diapers - I just used some fleece and it turned out just fine.

WIPES - Idea found here

BLANKETS - I just measured the doll and added a few inches.

BABY BAG - I just grabbed one of my old bags from high school. It's a small backpack that will fit the doll and all her "products" on my daughter's back. 

I also put in a baby bottle that my mom gave her for Christmas.

The whole package:

I think it turned out well and am excited for my little girl to be a little mommy by my side. 

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