March 21, 2013

Cleaning a stuffed animal

We have a very important member of our family. He is very small, soft, hug-able, and will put up with everything our daughter does to him.  We call him 'Lamby'.  Like I said.. my daughter will put Lamby through the ringer! He is her favorite stuffed animal and she has clung to him since she was itty bitty. He plays with her and sleeps with her and does everything that she does. He has gone everywhere including out of state. If she spends the night with grandparents we make sure that Lamby is there. 

Why all the back story? So you realize how important it was to wash him. Also, that washing him during nap time was a little traumatic. Okay, not so bad because she was tired but I'm happy he dried quickly.

Before - this is a few months ago
After the bath!

What was the secret? I put him inside of a pillow case so that he would get cleaned without getting hurt. He now has his yellow fur and white face back. He also had a nice sticky red substance removed from his back. My daughter has been cuddling and loving him since I gave him back. It's kinda like Linus and his blanket.

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