March 30, 2013

Getting ready for Easter

Easter is really easy with a little girl. She gets a new dress, maybe some shoes and hair bows and I'm set. It's so easy to just go out and get something for her because she's almost 2... and I'm scared of making clothes again (I hate skirts... have I said that lately).

However, I'm new to this whole 'boy' thing! I decided that I wanted to have something for him to wear... but that was really comfortable and easy to change. Now newborn suits here! I just wanted something simple - so I found a very fun site that showed me how to modge podge a tie onto a onesie. I didn't even get my sewing machine out. I have appliqued many things onto onesies... but never modge podge.

I thought it would be a fun challenge. So here is the fun springy Easter onesie that my little man will be wearing!

Be sure to modge podge the fabric before cutting it out. I forgot that step, but it still worked okay. I just modge podged it and let it dry then put more on to get it to stick to the onesie. And no, my tie isn't perfect, but it still looks good as a total package. Oh, I just googled tie silhouette for the pattern. Choose the one you want.

I loved the tie, but the modge podge didn't really work very well. It stayed on, yes, but it's very stiff. I wonder if with more washings it will feel better, but this will work for Easter! 

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