March 4, 2013

New Cake Recipe

I got a lot of fun things for Christmas last year for baking! One of the things I got was a pan for donuts. I never thought about baking donuts... but it's fantastic! No greasy mess and the batter can be used for many things. 

I looked on pinterest and found a pretty simple recipe to try. It makes a LOT of batter and I should have cut the recipe in half. I guess that we live and learn.  I also used hot cocoa instead of coffee. I use what I have, I guess. The batter was a pain to work with. It clumped a lot and was hard to mix. However.. I've never had anything bake as well as these! Just take a look:

Cupcakes: a dozen and a half
Donuts: half a dozen
Cake: 6 inch round
 As you can see... the batter really did well for all of these pans. I had to adjust the baking time but I just checked them by pressing down and seeing if it sprung up. It worked out really well.

I made sure to use the pam baking spray - that is one of my biggest tips. I love that because it makes things taste better than the normal cooking spray. I took these to a family party and they were devoured. I guess that means the recipe tastes good as well.

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