March 15, 2013

Project Life Update

I've finished January and February. I think the hardest part for me was getting the photos printed. I never like to put in an order unless there are a lot and I just need to do it at the end of every month. 

I am loving the way this system works, though. It was easy to just write up my ideas and say what the photos were. I also love that I did some collages (using picasso) and that way I have more photos but use less space. I think that the smaller photos that I cut out and taped to a background won't happen again - I'll just cut the photo out the size of the opening instead. It'll make it easier on me. :)

 January had a lot of fun things happen, including the birth of our son. I think this helps show what life is like right now.


February - I used less collages and wrote up a little more than before. I love the inserts given in this edition, they are so cute!

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