March 17, 2013

St. Patty's Day Hair

I guess I have ventured into another realm of talent. I guess. I have been doing my little girl's hair ever since she was born. Well, now it's long enough to start doing fun things with it. It's not long enough to put it all up, but that's where things get fun.  I need to start taking pics of really interesting hair styles that I do so I can remember them.

St. Patrick's day comes but once/year so I thought it would be fun to try a fun new hair style on her. She got a new dress for the occasion as well! What a sweet girl to stand still long enough for me to do this. Also, number one tip that I hear from everyone doing these hair styles on toddlers: Spray the crap out of it with water first. 

I made this one up and it turned out really cute.

 And I have been doing this for awhile. These aren't "hair" shots, but you can still see what I've done.
Twisty piggies
Many elastics into piggies
The pulled up piggies

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