May 3, 2013

Cookie Party

For my daughter's party we had a fun cookie party. Cookies and milk. 

I thought about getting individual milks for all the guests (just family) but it got expensive. So instead I just bought a few gallons and poured out some cups. I also put out some juice if they wanted. Instead of spending a lot of money on cookies (or time which is hard with an infant) I asked people to bring cookies. That way they were homemade and we got a good variety. I asked them in advance what they were bringing and made some place cards so that they knew where to put their cookies.

My daughter chose the color this year - she's in a yellow phase. I put a big "thanks for coming to my party" on the lids of to go boxes. This way we got to share the cookies (there were a lot left over) and everyone got a thank you gift. I like the idea of a thank you gift... I try to be a good hostess. 

It was a great success and so very simple.

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