May 6, 2013

Much Better Apples!

I am kind of weaksauce when it comes to eating apples. It seems like I can only eat a full apple if I share with someone. I love the idea of sliced apples in bags, too, but have you seen how expensive those things are??

I looked around pinterest and found an idea worth looking into. I cut up my own apples now and this seems to really work!

I cut up apples pretty small for the little girl to eat as well. Then I put them in ice water with a little salt in it. So much better than lemon juice. The taste and the non brown. 

This works very well! Maybe I'll even give out my fruit dip recipe sometime... it's not healthy, though. That's how I do things... make healthy as non healthy as possible. That's what my husband says anyway.

p.s. I'd have a photo of my apples... but the munchkin was playing with my camera and I haven't found it yet. It's only been 2 days! sigh... I'm sure I'll find it soon so I can capture all my random ideas on film.

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