May 23, 2013

My Grad Gift Idea

I have a wonderful time with the girls in my ward (church congregation) that I work with every week. We meet on Sundays and every Tuesday evening for fun activities.  We have 2 girls graduating from high school this year and were asked to come up with a small something for them and a letter.  Well, here's mine:

I believe that everyone should have a small emergency sewing kit. It may not be the best, but it's something you can throw in your car and forget about until it's needed. They are headed to college after all.

I used one of these sewing kits (from dollar tree) and put it in a cute little tote bag with a beautiful letter. I love stationary and have a bit left over from my years of collecting.  

I wrote about how I was "sew" excited for them to graduate. Also, that they can mend clothes with these, but that they should watch what they say to others because words are hard to mend. There was more to the letters, but it was personal.

These girls are starting on a long journey and it really is true that life has just begun. I pray that they do well in life and that in college if they need to fix an article of clothing, they can think of me.

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