May 29, 2013

Photo book & Slideshow

I've been going through photos of my little girl and our family. I was very excited to get a coupon in the mail that pretty much said "here, have a free book" from shutterfly. They may not have the greatest quality, but they work fine for what I want.

I decided that since I am working with project life (I'm getting behind, I know, but I'm working on it) and starting this year that I needed something for last year. I got all of my pictures together by month and made a book. It was fun to go through everything and even relive being pregnant. My book will be coming soon, and I'll try and update here when it does.

The other thing I made? A slideshow. When my little girl turned 1 I put a slideshow together of photos for the year. I thought it was fun and now it's her favorite thing to watch! She loves pictures of herself when she was little. So I decided that I'd like to watch more than just one... and made another.  These are all the photos from where we left off until her 2nd birthday. I like this idea because a lot of the pics I put in the slideshow I don't think would print well.

I guess those are just a few more ideas for what to do with your pictures.  If you want my opinion... does a great job with better quality... and more expensive books.

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