June 1, 2013

Baby Make-up

 I must start this off by saying that I am not one of those moms that puts make-up on her 2 year old regularly. She's only had it on once... and that's because she got into my make-up and put it on herself when we weren't watching.

However, she LOVES to pretend to put on make-up. She sits with me while I do mine and will mimic everything I do. I hand her the brushes sometimes and even put mascara on for her (shhh... don't tell her that it's really just my finger). I had to look up pretend make-up and see what I could find.

I came across this post and am very excited to try it. I have some all-a-dollar nail polish and a cleaned out blush case (because she got into it). So this morning I put in a bit of orange (it'll work) and I didn't need that much! I just painted the bottom with a thin layer and hopefully it will dry soon. Then she'll have her first pretend make-up.

As soon as I clean out an eyeshadow I'll get another small brush with different colors of polish for it. I think this will be fun! But what other make-up can I do?? 

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