June 18, 2013

Do You Remember This?

So, does anyone remember this chart?

Yea... I think I've forgotten about it. I didn't realize that after the birth of our second baby I'd get used to a little help. Now that he's almost 5 months old I have been feeling really worn down and haven't been keeping up with anything. There are some days that I'm proud if I get my kids into clothes... and then if I change out of pjs it's a miracle. 

I guess I've just gotten so caught up in everything with family and parties and whatnot that I haven't been focusing on my house in the least bit. 

The good thing is that there's always tomorrow and today was that day. I got the kids and I dressed, went grocery shopping, picked up the living room, did the dishes (mostly), and one load of laundry (one every day), and even made a new recipe (ham steak from the store with au gratin potatoes). So I'm feeling a bit better. Tomorrow I'll do even more... I just hope I'm not alone when it comes to letting things go for a little while. Because I do get around to cleaning it up eventually. :)

So here's my reminder that you should never feel guilty when you have a bad day - tomorrow is a new day.

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