July 2, 2013

Organization stand still

I feel like I need to say something because this was going to be the year of organization and food storage.  I was so excited to learn how to get food storage and also 72 hour kits together. The problem? It takes a little money to start out.

It wouldn't be that big of a deal except that we've been waiting for months to hear if my husband would go on furlough. We have heard that he will have at least 11 days of no pay and that adds up. We have been saving the money instead of getting the food (not sure if that's wise or not) and we will be just fine.

The thing is... I can't do a big post (or series) about food storage and 72 hour kits now. I actually feel worse about not being able to post after saying that was coming than not having it for my family. I guess there is always next year and we do have a few things for our 72 hour kits. 

Thanks for sticking around and hopefully we'll have some fun stuff for the 4th of July.

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