September 15, 2013

Sewing Day

I was very excited to make my little girl's costume this year. Because it was a dress... I wanted to start very early because me and dresses aren't on good terms. 

I found a fun way to make princess dresses on pinterest and we thought (my SILs and myself) that it would be fun to have all the little girls be their favorite princess this year. 

My little girl LOVES Cinderella. She has for a long time and so I made a Cinderella dress. I used beautiful blue fabric for the dress with white sleeves and white "ruffly-hippy-things" (I should really look up what they are called). We also had Rapunzel and Belle and there will be a baby Snow White. Maybe I'll be making a few more dresses for dress up - or just because it's such a cute pattern.

Here's some fun pics of us working. I'll have to get a few from Halloween later of all 4 girls (and our little tiger, too).

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