September 1, 2013

Toddler Food

I've talked before about making baby food for my youngster, but I also like to give my daughter fresh food. My little girl loves her applesauce - I love the squeeze pouches for on the go. They are SO expensive, though and I kind of wonder what's in them. So, I found a way to make my own.

I'm still playing with some recipes and hopefully I'll get something other than applesauce in them also. I use the infantino fresh squeeze system. It is super easy and like I've said before - I love gadgets!

 I used the baby bullet to make the applesauce (strawberry this time) so that it will fit into the pouches.  Then I push them in and close them up. The only real down side is that they need to be cold - eaten within 48 hours if not frozen.  The good thing? They freeze VERY well and are much less mess. 

 I also made avacado baby food (on the left) and more food in the freezer for baby. I LOVE this new ice tray that I got, it has smaller servings so that I can mix and match later on. More on that later... call this a sneak peek.

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