October 13, 2013

L l

I just finished teaching the Letter L for our Joy School. It was a blast and I'm so proud of myself. I jumped online and found a few things for the kids to do and then I made a fun puzzle. Okay, let me just put some links here:

L is for Llama - I forgot to put on the yarn... even though I had it. They turned out cute, though.

Lizard Picture - This website has a picture for every letter. It turned out great

Lemon/Lime Painting - We painted with lemons and limes. It was fun because I showed them what they were, we said what color, how they felt, then I let some of the kids taste them and then we painted. It made me laugh that one kid didn't want to paint because he wanted to eat his lime. I gave him an extra half of a lemon and he painted with that. 

Matching Lions (see photo at the end) - I just cut them out, cut them in half and the kids matched the colors and lions together. They did well and I'm glad it took up some time.

I also went to my local library and they were fabulous to get me some picture books for the letter L (the loud book comes to mind).

I have enjoyed doing the Joy school and my daughter LOVES doing all of her fun crafts and projects. She also is getting time with other kids. I told the other moms that as long as it was good for my daughter we would keep going and I think we have been doing well.

Cut out lions and then cut in half. Matching fun for minutes.

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