October 27, 2013


Where to begin?

I could've stayed for the whole time both days at pinners conference for all the wonderful classes! I had a tight schedule to keep because weekends are super busy. If it comes next year, I will just plan to stay in Salt Lake for the night and enjoy a girl's weekend. :)

The best part about pinners conference wasn't all the wonderful booths (which took me an hour 1/2 to get through) but the wonderful presenters and classes available. I loved that most of them were free with admission. There were 90 different classes to choose from and I did have conflicts in the 3 time slots I signed up for. I am happy with the ones that I chose to go to.

I saw The Dating Divas, Matt Townsend, and Babes in Hairland and learned so much from each of them. I did focus on the relationship area because I believe it is always good to have useful information. Although I know that my relationship with my husband rocks because he was great when I told him he'd have the kids for 8 hours alone (for the first time). 

I will be doing a lot more toddler hair photos because I'm going to play with the things I learned from Babes in Hairland. It was fabulous. 

I guess a day away is just what this crafty girl needed - ideas from so many booths and fun information. Keep tuned in for more fun info. I truly hope to go again next year - if they have it.

p.s. I was also interviewed by the paper. I'll have to look and see if I am quoted in any articles.

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