November 18, 2013

That one sandwich

My husband requested that I make that one sandwich that I do well. I had to prompt him for a little more because I make a lot of sandwiches between him and my daughter. I'll give you a hint - it isn't peanut butter & honey.

When I was visiting at the hospital (I don't remember the reason) I went down and got a sandwich from the cafe.  I saw how he cooked it and thought "hey, I could do that" so I did.  

 I started off by warming up some roast beef then flipping it over. I added 2 pieces of provolone cheese

Cover with a lid for about 6 minutes or until the cheese is all melty and goopy. 

I put the bread under the broiler so that the outside was nice and crispy while the inside was soft.

That's it! So easy and SO very delicious. I ended up making me one as well. I'm sure I could use better bread for an even better sandwich, but I used what I had. It still was amazing.

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