May 23, 2014

New Toy Box

I have been trying to get something that can hold toys, looks good, and doesn't cost a ton for a long time. I didn't like my living room to look like the play room all of the time. The kids can play, but I need it to feel like it can be a place for adults, too.

I tried some different kinds of bins - they were cheap and didn't fit at all. So then my mom and I went to IKEA (loved her going to help with the kids) and I thought I'd look around for something else. I didn't want it to look like the white (or black) wood that IKEA is known for - then I saw a cute wicker toy box sitting there and thought it looked perfect. I got a few fabric baskets and now I have a much better looking room. 

We still have a boat on top, but that's nothing compared to what it used to look like. I also have been rotating out toys - that will be saved for another post.

There's lots of room for fun toys. I'm also going to be hanging some more pics on my wall - that post will also be coming soon.

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