April 29, 2014

Princess Party

I made a princess dress for my daughter for Halloween last year. She still fits into it, so I thought why not let her wear it for her birthday? We had a princess themed party which is just perfect for a 3 year old.

We had a lot of fun with this party, it would've been a bit better if it hadn't rained, but we did what we could. Also, I didn't have all the food ready ahead like I wanted, but that's okay. The kids had fun, anyway.

Some of the activities:
- Kiss the frog
- Flynn Rider pinata (hit with frying pan)
- Princess make-overs
- Crown decorating
- Food including 3 layer cake w/ tiara, cupcakes, magic pretzel wands, princess kisses, fishies, and more
- Ring around the spinning wheels (hula hoops)
- Find the glass slipper

We had fun and I kept things really simple. Her dress still fits well and it's adorable! So glad we had a chance to let her wear it again.

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