August 10, 2014

Long Time No See

I have been around, but we have been ultra busy.

I keep saying that I need to get my sewing machine out, but I'm just barely coping with getting the house clean, making our appointments, and keeping up with the bills. 

I feel a little guilty that even though I've tried to make new meals, have photos of our home decor and other sewing projects I just haven't had the umph to get them on here. I have been reading stories, helping with nightmares, helping a teething toddler, and folding endless loads of laundry. 

I watched a youtube episode recently that talked about how a mom needed a creative outlet, and I know that this has been mine for a long time. I just haven't had it be my priority with what has been going on. But the thing is, if I can get all that done, then this can be my reward.

Thank goodness for my wonderful husband so that I can do more crafty things - and also for the kids going to bed so that I can stay up late and write on the blog.

To see where I got inspired (yet again) I've posted a link to the youtube video from WUM. (just subscribe, they are fabulous) 
I have kept up with my facebook page, so if you want to see lots more - head over there. :)

Remember to "loose the 'just'!"

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