September 19, 2014

Plants and Green

So this week I got to teach preschool. It was so much fun to meet the new kids and get a ton of fun stuff for them to do. Let me break this down for myself so I can remember how to do things later. We now do a full week (2 days) instead of just once... from a house cleaning perspective I am not a fan, but now I've only got 3 weeks left this year so yay! (I WILL ADD LINKS LATER)

Day 1:
- Puzzles while kids arrive
- ABC/Number flashcards
- Welcome
- We talked about what an adventurer is and did a plant walk
            ~we walked around the yard pointing out different plants and collecting leaves
- Outside activities
           ~ Walk, twirl, jump, ... - all written in chalk so they have to follow instructions
           ~ Click like a beetle, jump like a cricket, ... (moving activity with bugs)
- What plants need lesson
- Parts of a plant 
- Read Books - free time
- Celery Science Experiement
- Snack
- Play

Day 2: 
- Books while kids arrive
- Welcome
- ABCs/#s
- Introduce Green (bein' green) & mystery bag
- How do plants grow? = craft that they color/glue
- Dance party
- What has seeds? 
            ~ I got a lot of produce from my fridge and we cut it open and looked for seeds
- Eat snack
- Play

The first day - it rained so the outdoor activity was cut short and we played longer. 
We didn't get to play the second day because we were so into the what has seeds activity. They loved it.  

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