October 4, 2014

Fairy Dresses

At long last I have finished the dress for my little girl's Halloween costume. It was so much fun to make (and stressful). My in-laws and I worked very hard for all the little girls. I hope they enjoy their twirly dresses. :)

I didn't have a camera when we were working on the bodice, but that was a major job. The whole dress took us about 4 sittings (days) of work. There were a lot of things here that I'd never tried. We used satin (not too bad), did an overlay, multiple skirts, a belt for petals (more later) and a zipper!

The satin frays very easily, so I made sure to zig zag the edges. That kept them intact while working with it.  The pattern that was used said to have the petals attached to the bodice, but I was worried about that many layers in my sewing machine. There were also supposed to be 2 more layers of tool between the skirts that I didn't put in. 

I wanted to make sure that she could wear it as a dress and not just a costume if I put that much work into it. I let her try it on after I got the zipper done (with the belt) before I got the embellishment done. I had to tack it up a little to so the neck wasn't gaping. 

The fabric is adorable and my sweet girl LOVES to twirl around.

Even my little guy got in on the action. You can see that we all made our dresses a little differently (colors, layers, ..) but they all turned out so cute!

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