November 15, 2014

Pinner's Conference 2014

I'm so happy and exhausted! There were some amazing booths and I really got inspired.

Year 2 of Pinner's was even better!  First of all, I was able to go for both days (thanks hubby!!) and I took my mom. I was glad that I didn't have to drive that whole way alone and for the company during the event. Shopping was more fun, too.

It seems to me that Pinner's was bigger this year, too. I've got pics and all sorts of things, so I'll just jump in.

Cute idea. Magnets that you change out.

 I got to go to a lot of fun classes. I took more pic the second day. This was dipping chocolates. I'd never done it before and it was great!

Babes in hairland
Lots of shopping
 Just a few of the quilts I liked from the show: 

I got some new things for project life and will try to update that soonly (I'm only a year behind) and can't wait to try some of these fun recipes out on my family. 

I'm already planning my trip next year. I LOVE having it be reasonably priced and I may talk my sisters into coming next year (especially my crafting inspiration).

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