December 27, 2014

Infinity Scarf

For the girls in my family I decided to make infinity scarves. They were super easy and fun to make. I think they took about 10 minutes each and turned out so darling!!

I did make more, just didn't get pics. I made 9 in all and they were so darling. 


I think the fabric is called Jersey knit. The stretchy fabric - my long skirts are made from it.

I bought 10" of fabric for mine and they seemed long enough, pin right sides together LENGTH wise, sew, pull inside out the fold it over on the seam (WATCH THIS TUTORIAL - start at around 2:10), sew - make sure to leave a 3" hole, pull through then sew the hole. DONE!!

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aprilaleman said...

I just got a sewing machine and would love to try this. Do you have a pattern or instructions to share. Annnnd dumb question but I'm oh so new, what fabric do u use?