February 19, 2015

Is it therapy?

This will be a lengthy post. Be warned and you can totally just skip down to the cute blanket I made.

I figured out that the thing that has helped me the most the last few months has been making things for others. I have been enjoying picking out these fun patterns and colors. Baby blankets are so much fun!

My neighborhood has a lot of new babies being born right now. I keep thinking that one of those new moms should've been me. I was wallowing in self pity until I was invited to my friend's shower that was having twins. I made a couple of hooded towels for her cute kids and a weight seemed to lift.

Then the babies really started coming, so I started sewing blankets for them. There has been 3 so far (not too bad for 2 months). The more I make, the better I feel. I know that my time will come again someday. I just hope that these blankets can give comfort to these little ones and their moms. I love my friends and I hope that they feel it through these gifts.

And here is the latest blanket I made. For a sweet little girl. So excited for her and her cute bundle.

UPDATE: I wrote this post mere months after having a miscarriage. I was sad, disappointed and didn't feel good about anything. I am still thankful that I found a wonderful way to place all those emotions and feelings. In the months following this post I sewed more than 10 blankets - not a huge number however, I felt that I poured love and kindness into each and every one. I would see these precious little ones so sweet and innocent and the hurt I felt would lessen and I'd feel a little lighter. The day after this was posted I found out that I was pregnant. I call it my own little miracle. I was at peace making blankets for those having babies and then was blessed with my own rainbow baby. 

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