April 24, 2015

Crayon bag

I tried so hard to follow a tutorial online. It didn't work. So here's mine. :)


- (2) 12x24 in cotton
- (2) 8x12 in cotton
- Handles (mine were 3x24 inches)


1. Cut pieces

2. Hot dog 8x12 (s) and make tube

3. Place on the 12x24 . 7 inches in then 2 inches from that.

4. IMPORTANT - sew only one side onto the 12x24 piece. Sew them on the side facing each other.

5. Sew 1 or 1 1/2 inch for crayon slots. Be sure to leave top open.

6. Place 12x24 (s) right sides together. Leave a hole. Pull right side out.

7. Place right sides together (crayon slots together) and sew bag together. Leave top open.

8. Add handles.


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