August 4, 2015

Food Storage Links

I had a friend as about food storage sites, so I thought I'd look up a few. I always am interested in new ideas. 

In no real order, here we go:

- Spend about $5/week for this year of food storage. I'm sure it would work, I just need to get organized. 

- Download food storage inventory sheets for free. That way you know what you need to get and what you already have.  

- 52 week food storage - another way to stay organized. Takes a whole year, but looks well worth it. Also, spreads out the cost.

- Food storage on a budget. Always good to get things cheap. Lots of ideas for how to store everything.

- Provident living & food storage. From the LDS church. LOT OF LINKS!!

- A blog called Food Storage Moms. This link has emergency preparedness items people usually forget about. 

I would say that the most important thing is to make sure that you make food storage for your family. If you have someone with celiac's that can't eat gluten - don't buy the wheat. If your kids won't eat something, why store it? Only get things that you'll use and rotate it. Personalize everything for your use. Don't go blindly by a list. Make sure you have recipes to go with what you buy. If you can't use it, why buy it?

Another place I'd look to help is a company called Thrive. Yes, it has consultants (I have a friend that does it) and you can host parties and such. I know that my kids will eat their food b/c we bought a little and they fought over it (the corn & strawberries). I thought it was fabulous because instead of junk they would eat their veggies.  

I'm sure there are other companies out there (shelf reliance?) but I would want to try their stuff first. 

Gosh, now I should get going on mine!

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